Caring for Your Oaks

How to Identify and Manage Oak Wilt Brochure (334 KB) – Texas A&M Forest Service, Revised 2014.

Oak Wilt Suppression Project 2013 (9.4 MB) – Since 1988, the Texas A&M Forest Service has been administering a cooperative program to suppress oak wilt in Central Texas. Learn about this program in the Powerpoint presentation.

Qualifications for Cost-Shares Through the Texas Oak Wilt Suppression Project (179KB) – Texas A&M Forest Service, Revised February 2017.

Studies on Pruning Cuts and Wound Dressings for Oak Wilt Control (160 KB) – Used by permission. Copyright International Society of Arboriculture, Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 2007. 33 (2) 132-139.

Partnerships and Cooperation Combat Oak Wilt in Texas (17 KB) – Approaching milestone in Oak Wilt Suppression Program by Ronald F. Billings. (revised 5/11/2012)

Oak Wilt Treatments (19 KB) – Examines the facts on oak wilt and the treatments for it courtesy of Mark Duff and Dr. David Appel.

Paint Sprayer (1.2 MB) – Instructions on how to add a pruning paint sprayer to your pole pruner.

How to Identify and Manage Oak Wilt in Texas (73 KB) – How To article from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station, New Orleans, LA. Spanish version – Cómo identificar y manejar el marchitamiento del encino en Texas (133 KB PDF)

Know Your Hill Country Oaks (1166 KB) – How to identify common oaks in the Texas Hill Country courtesy of Susan Sander, Texas A&M Forest Service, Kerrville, TX.

Pruning and Painting Fresh Wounds (21 KB) – Information on pruning, painting fresh wounds and oak wilt courtesy of Kim Camilli, Texas A&M Forest Service.