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Oak Wilt Assistance
There are several ways to get assistance if you suspect that you have an oak wilt problem.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension – To help the foresters with the overload caused by oak wilt, the Texas A&M Forest Service has initiated a new program with help from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to train Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists to be oak wilt specialists. These trained Master Gardeners and Master Naturalist can be the first point of contact for homeowners, landowners, etc. that have questions concerning oak wilt and the health of their trees.

Texas A&M Forest Service Personnel – The Texas A&M Forest Service will always be available for assistance in any step of the process and will continue working with existing customers. Click the Texas A&M Forest Service Contacts link to find Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers of Texas A&M Forest Service Personnel in your area.

Cities and Municipalities – A number of cities and municipalities have established programs to assist home and land owners with oak wilt. Click the Cities and Municipalities link to see if you live in an area that has a city-sponsored oak wilt program.

Texas Oak Wilt Certified Arborists – If you know you have oak wilt, you may want to contact a Texas Oak Wilt Certified Arborist directly. Texas Oak Wilt Certification signifies that the Vendor’s Arborist is ISA Certified and has received special training on the Identification and Management of Oak Wilt in Texas.