NOWS: Program

Symposium Goals:

  • Facilitate communication among the nation’s stakeholders who have a vested interest in
    oak wilt;
  • Provide a venue for sharing information about prevention, early detection, control &
    management, restoration, and research on oak wilt; and
  • Raise public awareness of the problems posed by oak wilt in the nation.

Symposium Features:

  • 250 attendees
  • Multiple sessions with 15 or more speakers
  • Trade exhibits
  • Texas-style barbecue dinner
  • A full day of tours with the option to focus on either rural or urban aspects of the fungus

Attendees include:

  • Land management specialists from local, state, and federal agencies, including municipal,
    regional, state and federal parks...
  • Environmental organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Native Plant Society,
    Audubon, Land Conservancies, Land Trusts, etc...
  • Management and consulting firms both large and small...
  • Researchers and students from state university systems and private colleges...
  • Companies servicing research and control projects including equipment manufacturers,
    fungicide producers and other private vendors...

Program Highlights - Professional researchers, foresters, and arborists knowledgeable about oak wilt and drawn from across the nation will discuss the latest information and technology on numerous relevant topics, including:

  • The genus Quercus and the genus Ceratocystis
  • Oak wilt biology and host-pathogen relationships
  • Oak wilt impacts in different regions of the U.S.
  • Oak wilt vector relationships
  • Modeling oak wilt on a landscape scale
  • Impact on endangered species
  • Wounds as infection courts for oak wilt
  • Hypovirulence as a potential biocontrol
  • Suppression tactics, including trench inserts
  • Injection of fungicides and movement in trees
  • Longevity of propiconazole injections
  • Oak wilt control from a neighborhood perspective
  • USDA Forest Service perspectives on oak wilt
  • Other diseases of oaks, including sudden oak death and bacterial leaf scorch


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