Texas Oak Wilt Qualified and Oak Wilt Certified Arborists

Texas Oak Wilt Qualified LogoThe list below has the names of all those individuals who are ISA Certified Arborists and have taken the course on how to identify and manage oak wilt. The course is offered by the Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS) and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, in collaboration with the Texas Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISAT). Before 2016, Certified Arborists who attended the course were given the Texas Oak Wilt Certification (TOWC). In 2016, the course was upgraded to include an assessment (test) in addition to attending the course. These Certified Arborists are now known as Texas Oak Wilt Qualified (TOWQ).

Texas Oak Wilt Qualified (TOWQ) and Texas Oak Wilt CeTexas Oak Wilt Certified Logortification (TOWC) signifies that the individual arborist is ISA Certified and has received special training on the identification and management of oak wilt in Texas. Qualified and Certified individuals may be associated with an Oak Wilt Vendor in which case you can click the Vendor Link to learn more about these commercial services.

Location Name Expiration Phone Email
AledoRandy BevisJune 2019817-441-2276 email
AledoJoey PrichardJune 2019 email
AmarilloBenjamin WethingtonJune 2019806-570-8292email
ArlingtonRichard Deese972-983-6643email
ArlingtonEugene GehringJune 2019817-307-0967 email
ArlingtonKen Homsi817-559-5582email
AustinMaggie AmbrosinoJune 2019512-922-4649 email
AustinKeith BabberneyJune 2019512-924-1245 email
AustinClarence BiddyJune 2019512-585-7739 email
AustinDavid BoyerJune 2019email
AustinPatrick BrewerJune 2019512-310-7545 email
AustinMicah BurnsJune 2019512-634-6565 email
AustinDorian DaveyJune 2019512-825-2999 email
AustinNevic DonnellyJune 2019512-922-7058 email
AustinTom DunlapJune 2019720-985-4647 email
AustinBrent FrazierJune 2019512-671-8733 email
AustinPete GarciaJune 2019512-825-2365email
AustinAndy HarkinsJune 2019512-983-3280 email
AustinDaniel HunsickerJune 2019512-451-4986email
AustinUlises JimenezJune 2019512-848-0731email
AustinSteve KinslowJune 2019512-310-7545 email
AustinMiles LeflerJune 2019512-929-3333 email
AustinAlex LopezJune 2019512-293-1469email
AustinBrennon MageeJune 2019512-336-8733 email
AustinScott MartinJune 2019512-908-8598email
AustinJerry NaiserJune 2019512-454-7336 email
AustinChris PothJune 2019512-385-6604 email
AustinBrad RidenhourJune 2019512-301-4400email
AustinCarl SchattenbergJune 2019512-892-2299 email
AustinMarkus SmithJune 2019512-467-8733 email
AustinNathanael SponsellerJune 2019512-909-4716email
AustinDavid TaylorJune 2019512-635-5505email
AustinMatthew TobolaJune 2019512-310-7545 email
AustinBrad UffelmanJune 2019512-401-8733email
AustinPatrick WentworthJune 2019512-291-8844 email
BoerneKevin BelterJune 2019210-279-6969email
College StationDavid Appel(979) 845-7311email
DallasChris BechererJune 2019972-562-9110 email
DallasTyrone BrownJune 2019214-893-0227 email
DallasKitty BrownJune 2019972-896-8256 email
DallasJeff BrownJune 2019214-544-8733email
DallasChris ColeJune 2019972-955-1317 email
DallasScott DahlbergJune 2019214-528-2266email
DallasGareth HarrierJune 2019972-620-0073 email
DallasRonny NelsonJune 2019469-919-1829email
DallasKenneth SmithJune 2019214-528-2266email
DallasA.J. ThibodeauxJune 2019214-317-2519 email
DallasJohn TomlinsonJune 2019972-620-0073 email
DentonScott GeerJune 2019972-317-9598email
Fort WorthMatthew ClemonsJune 2019817-975-0180email
Fort WorthRobert GabbertJune 2019817 246 4221 email
Fort WorthHeath HayesJune 2019817-401-82277email
Fort WorthFred RodgersJune 2019817-800-3396email
GrapevinePeter Stoltman(817) 559-5871email
Hudson OaksBilly CookJune 2019817-596-TREEemail
KerrvilleWilliam MaloneyJune 2019830-257-2429email
KerrvilleKaren RockoffJune 2019830-955-0304email
KerrvilleRustin StephensJune 2019936-689-9604email
LakewayArlen FisherJune 2019512-516-1733email
LampasasJames BriggsJune 2019512-556-2853 email
LlanoJason WatsonJune 2019830-613-6171 email
LubbockJames TuttleJune 2019806-785-8733 email
MansfieldKeith GlennJune 2019682-518-1592 email
MiamiBenjamin KoubekJune 2019email
MidlandJohn HayesJune 2019243-967-3040 email
New BraunfelsJess DivinJune 2019(830) 481-4389email
OrangeMark HinesJune 2019409-745-2026 email
RichardsonBrian CoxJune 2019972-877-8630email
RichardsonCurtis HopperJune 2019214-288-0783 email
Round RockLee EvansJune 2019512-671-8733 email
Round RockDebbie EvansJune 2019512-775-9182 email
Round RockBrent NewsomJune 2019512-705-9066 email
Round RockDenny ScheyJune 2019512-820-5610email
San AntonioDayton ArcherJune 2019210-826-8555 email
San AntonioBooker ArradondoJune 2019210-884-8984 email
San AntonioMichele ForryJune 2019210-614-5806 email
San AntonioTim JacksonJune 2019210-698-0515 email
San AntonioJohn LeifesterJune 2019210-771-7081 email
San AntonioAntonio Villanueva, Jr.June 2019210-655-4670email
San AntonioJacob WestJune 2019210=655-4670 email
San AntonioJohn WorrellJune 2019210-655-4670 email
San MarcosSteven AustinJune 2019512-392-1089email
San MarcosRobert HagerJune 2019512-618-0111email
TempleJonathan LesterJune 2019254-316-9845email
WacoDuncan BrooksJune 2019254-848-2902 email
WacoBrian WilliamsJune 2019254-666-2724 email
WimberleySuanne BacqueJune 2019512-842-8733 email
WimberleyDirk JohnstonJune 2019512-842-8733email
WimberleyPaula JohnstonJune 2019512-842-8733email
WimberleyJon LongJune 2019512-422-7234email
WimberleyMark LundyJune 2019512-847-3842email
WimberleyShannon SummersJune 2019512-842-8733email
WimberleyBen TaylorJune 2019512-842-8733email
WoodwaySeth Thompson254-716-4804email
WylieDamond ComptonJune 2019972-442-1524 email